The current session is in a computer-equipped classroom. If you/your children have access to computers outside class, you do not need to bring one.

Most internet-connected computers should work. If your kids can get on Facebook through a web browser, they should be fine here. 

I can't afford a new computer

If you can borrow a computer for BCT class, you can use a computer at the library for everything else. 

I have a computer, but the Internet connection is expensive

Many people share their wifi connection. Look for available wifi connections and ask your neighbor if they mind sharing their password. You can also stop by the library or McDonald's.

I'm ready to buy a new computer

There are many choices. Tablets and laptops are portable (worried about theft? Only allow out of your home for BCT). 

Tablets are cheaper and a little easier to protect against viruses, but might run into difficulty on a few math problems. Here are some tablet winners:

Will a smartphone work?

Probably not. The screen is just too small to get through the math. 

Seven inches is the bare minimum and ten inches is easier.