Math goes social

posted Sep 1, 2014, 10:42 AM by Michael Schoeffler   [ updated Sep 1, 2014, 10:48 AM ]

Goofing around or getting mathy?

We learned a ton in our very first Brick City Thinks class. Friends are huge.

The first group of parents and kids were all buddies. We didn't plan this, but quickly noticed how important friendships are. These kids hit big math success - partly because they helped each other out.

Why do math friends matter?
  • Kids' classmates can lift them up or bring them down. When children give up on math, they drag their friends down with them. They tell each other "math is for nerds" instead of pumping each other up. When kids' peers all enjoy math together, they help each other out.
  • Kids love competing with their friends.  We all enjoy teaming up with our buddies - and trying to beat them out. But normal math class isn't a fair competition because kids start with different abilities. BCT works at each kid's level - our games compete on effort, not knowledge.
  • No discipline problems. Class is amazing when everyone's listening and having fun.
So how does this play out? BCT encourages parents to bring in their children's entire social circle. Kids do not need to be at the same math level. We:
  1. Set up classes with as many friends as possible
  2. Prioritize kids coming in as a group
  3. Help out anyone who doesn't come in with a crew in mind. We have flyers and emails that can make it easier.
Think hard about your kids for a minute. Which of their friends should you grab up today?