Ellie Lawrence, Mike Schoeffler, Fran McClain

I had a big problem. My daughters were bored in school - piled up with homework, but not learning all that much. 

I figured educational sites could help. But most websites were just facts wrapped in a video game. So I went to work. 

I finally discovered a few helpful sites like khanacademy.org. Since humans don't care about praise from a computer, could I find a way to keep the kids motivated?

rearranged the most useful features into a system that takes minimal work for both parents and kids. No more frustrating homework sessions. 

It worked.  The computer provides knowledge and I help on motivation. My daughters are climbing well ahead of grade level and having fun. 

My friends started helping me teach other families the same techniques. Turns out group work is even more effective since the kids push each other in healthy competition. Come join us - we're having a great time!

Mike Schoeffler
Founder, engineer, and math geek
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