How do you give your children a leg up?

Your kids were born with incredible brainpower. They just need motivation to achieve and useful challenges. Put all three together and they're set.

We can help. Yes, we take advantage of the best education software available. And yes, our coaches are very helpful. 

But our secret weapon is you. We build on the respect kids have for parents by involving you and making it easier to see when your kids are working hard. Our students are proud of their hard work and grateful for parents' guidance.

What's different at Brick City Thinks?

We make hard work fun:
  • Each student works at their own skill level
  • Games compete on effort, not past knowledge
  • Software helps us catch kid frustration early
Your children master each subject they tackle before moving on - from basic addition to geometry and calculus. And they learn that math isn't painful.

The tools

Math is changing. New websites like are making education free, fun, and effective. We incorporate them deeply into our classwork.

Our role

This is a short-term program that will teach your kids math for the long-run. They will move at the right pace - and master each subject along the way. When they're finished, they are set to succeed in math all the way through college.

There's no cost. If you live in Newark and want your kid to excel in math, we can help.